France X - Business Class

France X - Business Class

Fly over France in Business Class

For the first time, you can choose your favorite plane and fly over the whole country from 5000 ft to ...


Our new Business Class series stands for IFR flights and for med and high altitude flights. France X is the first SceneryBox Business Class product.

Beware, France X - Business Class is not the same as our Firstclass series and is not designed for VFR flights.


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Order your copy of France X simply by clicking the "add to cart" button. DVD boxes are shipped by the french La Poste Coliposte.


69,90 € tax incl.

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Are you ready for takeoff ?

France X - Business Class is the ideal product to connect all of your french HD add-ons.


- New SceneryBox technology: enhanced colors and soft frontiers

- 432 Airports, adjusted to fit the aerial imagery (runways, taxiways, aprons, ...) + airport documentations (VAC, IAC, ARRDEP when available)

- Platform effect around airports are removed

- Over 550.000 sq. km available in one product ! (DOM-TOM not included)

- 4.75 m per pixel texture resolution over the whole country area based on aerial photos (not on satellite imagery)

- Mesh two times more detailed than FSX

- Detailed water mask

- Lakes and Seas processed and landable

- The scenery is designed and optimized for flights above 5000ft

- The scenery is optimized for the best quality / performance ratio

- Framerate friendly (no autogen)

- France X - Business Class is fully compatible with Hi-Res SceneryBox products 

- Photo-textures (summer day) from the french geographic institute IGN

- Brand new summer night version ! 



Comparative snapshots

France X - Business Class introduces our new color enhancement technology. Issued from many months of Research and Development, this technology can process large scaled areas and enhance the imagery colors (better contrast, soft frontiers, ...).








Flight videos



Flight snapshots




note: Despite our exclusive "color enhancer" technology, few areas remain with med color quality because of the shooting year of these areas. As soon as their photos will be renewed, we will provide some upgrade.


Installation intruction

Requirements FSX with SP2 + 10GB free space available

3 DVDs are shipped with the France X Business Class box. Please insert the first disk and follow the on-screen instructions.

If the installation does not run automatically, explore the first disk and double-click SceneryBox-FrX-Part1.exe file.

The installation programm will ask you to insert the 2nd and the 3rd disks.

Beware, depending on your hardware and software configuration, installation process may run during 10 to 40 min.